Rental Policies

(Effective Feb 1, 2015)

Minimum Rental:  One (full) day

Delivery and Return:  All rates quoted from Walpole

Insurance:  Customer will be responsible to provide comprehensive property and liability insurance coverage on all rental units under this plan.

Customer Responsibility:  Customer will furnish a qualified operator. Customer will ensure that normal daily maintenance is performed such as; fuel, grease, check oil levels, tire pressures, etc. Customer will be liable for any unusual damage to tires/tracks and any maintenance beyond normal wear and tear. Customer is responsible for damages incurred from theft, fire and vandalism. Machine is to be returned reasonably clean and full of fuel. If not, an additional charge will be assessed.

Our Responsibility:  To furnish you, the customer, with a machine that has been properly maintained and suited for the application that you have outlined. All rental machines will be in good operating condition and will be serviced prior to delivery.

A valid driver’s license and a major credit card are required to rent a machine.

All rental charges are to be paid in full prior to the start of the rental.

The rental starts when the equipment leaves our store and ends when it is returned or called off rent.

Rental rates are based on: 

A Day - 8 hours of use (workday)  

A Weekend - 2 days with a maximum 12 hours of use

A Week - 5 days with a maximum of 40 hours

A Month - 4 weeks with a maximum of 160 hours of use

Additional hours used will result in an hours use charge. This charged is based on a day rental divided by 8 hours

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Prices and equipment listed may change at any time without notice.